Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 Blogging rules that will cause you to be recognized for your work

Blogs offer an online diary where bloggers can share their daily activities as well as thoughts. In spite of the changes observed in software and technology the blogging rules have remained unchanged. Although the rules have not changed most of the traffic generation techniques have.

Some of the blogging rules that will cause you to be recognized include:

  • Provide value
Over time, blogs have been transformed into content management platforms. A site that offers value has the capacity of attracting a large following. The followers get value whether in the form of humor or finding better ways of making money. Instead of blogging to benefit yourself, look for ways of benefiting your readers. If you can provide constant value to readers, you will generate a larger following that are a potential source of customers.

  • Become an authority
It is important to discuss content that you are familiar with. This way you will appear like an authority. Therefore, if you are in the human resource department you can take the initiative of discussing pertinent issues within the human resource department. These way fellow employees within your department and the organization at large will take notice your knowledge.

  • Participate in the conversation
Blogging is not about the blogger neither is it just about the readers. It entails the conversation between the blogger and others within the same industry. Take the initiative to read other blogs and leave comments in order to let them find out what you are thinking about the sites. Link out to other blogs and others will start linking to your site. You can get as far as reaching out to blog authors on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Take the initiative to know the followers in the industry. This way you will make friends who can be converted into customers.

  • Blog regularly
It is important to take the initiative of blogging regularly; at least once every week. This way you will receive a close following as fellow bloggers and readers seek to hear what you have to say. Delay can deny you recognition and this might take a long while before readers get to know who you are and your purpose for blogging.

  • Make the blog unique
In spite of new blogs being developed every single day a blog can stands out from the rest of the crowd. There are many things that can be done to make the blog stand out. Employ a unique design, write detailed posts, implement ideas that nobody else engages such as the bloggers face-off, offer content in several formats including video and audio, bring in different authorities for interview and give free eBooks to cater for in-depth topics.

  • Control the comments
Information on the net spreads rapidly. It is therefore important to consider the implications of the information that you get to publish on the internet. Anything that has been published on the blog becomes your responsibility. It is therefore important to control the information included on the articles and posts. This includes what the readers comment about. This will ensures that readers are informed about what they comment.

  • Disclose professional relationships
Every published material has been copyrighted although it fails to show a notice of copyright. It is important to declare explicitly that the views which have been expressed on the site are your as opposed to the company but unless you are doing the blogging on behalf of the company. It is equally important to respect copyright law; online content should not be associated with the public domain content.

Blogging is an important avenue for attracting readers as well as transforming followers into customers. The more often you get an opportunity to blog fellow employees take notice of your effort. The content should however offer value to the reader for purposes of growing the readership.

Michael is an expert blogger and author. He majors in the field of SEO Agency in Newcastle and is the most sought after when it comes to offering insight in this field. In his articles, he gives advice on better ways of transforming the company blog into an effective marketing campaign platform.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Struggling to Find the Best SEO Internet Marketing Tool? The Best Marketing Tool in the Market for you

The best internet marketing tools is undoubtedly search engine optimization, and it is extremely crucial in the present cutting-edge world whereby only those with the best tools survive. SEO campaigns are in constant need of the latest practices and technologies due to the always changing search engine tools. Application of SEO tools is a sure way of boosting the online ranking of your business.

The following is a list of the best marketing tools you will find in the market:

  • SEO browser
Sometimes website owners invest a lot into making their sites attractive, but they still fail in attracting the targeted audiences. The main reason for these is that the sites fail to be search engine friendly. With the SEO browser, you are in a position to find out the search engine friendliness of your site. This is a tool specifically designed for the highlighting of problem areas in a website.

  • Site checker
The use of this tool is to generate a report that shows the site owner how many pages of their site have so far been indexed by the search engines. The site checker enables you to know the ability of the engine spiders to crawls your pages and index them. The response headers of the server are read, and potential roadblocks are detected. All major search engines are supported, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. The tool enables you to determine the cleanliness of your server, as the best environment for search engine indexing is provided by a clean server. It reports web server errors for fixing, hence reducing chances of the search engines reducing your ranking.

  • Page analyzer
One of the most powerful SEO techniques you will find is the use of keywords and keyword phrases. When researching on the best keywords to use in order to enhance the ranking of a page, you should be equipped with the page analyzer. It identifies the best keywords and search terms being used on competitors’ sites. It is one of the best tools for researching competition.

  • Robots.txt checkers
The robot.txt files are prone to errors, and the robot.txt checkers is used in finding these errors. The tool is capable of analyzing the syntax of the robot.txt files, and also in locating any hidden errors.

  • Ranked page report
When you know your competition, the step that follows is finding the number of unique pages that are ranked among the first ten in all the major search engines. You should then make a comparison of this with the pages you have using the ranked page report.

  • Link analysis report
This tool enables you to see the identities of those websites that link to you, as well as those that link to your competitors. There is a good chance that when a website links to your competitor, it is a great choice for linking to you. However, it is upon you to research these links and ensure that they are from established websites. These websites should also have relevant content, as the changing search engine algorithms are getting more sensitive to the content relevance of web pages.

  • Wayback machine
This machine is aptly names, as it is nothing less than a time machine. It enables you to research on links that have disappeared over time. It allows a detailed checking of alterations that usually lead to a positive change in traffic.

SEO internet marketing tools are an essential part of your SEO campaign. The tools are easy to use, and they guarantee fast results.

Alexandra Balan is a blogger and articles writer, who specializes in internet marketing and google analytics training. His chief topic of focus is SEO. He has also written many articles and some popular blogs on web designing and web development.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5: What We Know So Far

Until the next iPhone is announced in September, gossips and speculations will keep coming. We try to separate fact from fiction and look into everything that we know about the iPhone 5 so far.

iOS 6

Notice how Apple normally releases a new version of iOS when a new iDevice comes out? Like clockwork, it’s going to happen again when the next iPhone comes out. iOS 6 was introduced at WWDC in June and is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release. Version 6 comes with more than 200 tweaks and features, including:

· Additional languages for Siri, including Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish.

· Siri's local search now works worldwide.

· Siri can now update your Facebook and send tweets.

· An updated music player UI and a new equaliser mode.

· iCloud tab syncing and PassBook synchronisation.

It won’t be named "iPhone 5"

the-new-iphone5The real iPhone 5 is the 4S, since the iPhone 4 is chronologically the fourth. The upcoming model will actually be the sixth iPhone, but frankly, we have no idea what it’s going to be officially called. Maybe “the new iPhone”, which was just like what Apple did with the iPad. But to avoid confusion, we will continue calling it the iPhone 5, at least until Apple tells us its real name.

A bigger screen…?

Reports mostly say the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen. Reuters said it; so did Bloomberg. However, DigiTimes--a credible tech publication--said otherwise:

“The sources pointed out that the upcoming iPhone will not have many differences compared to iPhone 4 in terms of components and the panel will still be less than 4-inch…The sources added that the iPhone 5 will adopt a 3.5- to 3.7-inch panel with a design to allow the bezel of the panel to become thinner and make the screen look larger.”

This isn’t decided by majority rule so it’s hard to discount what DigiTimes said. As a result, we’re torn on this one.

A different look

The last two iPhone models look pretty much the same; the 4S had improvements but these mostly internal. But enough speculation—there are some compelling morsels from sites like the Tech Block, which possibly show a unibody housing for the next iPhone. If it’s a hoax, it’s a very elaborate one. If it’s real, then it could mean the thinnest iPhone yet.

The dock connector will shrink

It’s not officially confirmed by Apple, but the many photos leaked online shows us it’s pretty much a done deal. Knowing how Apple works, expect them to sell an adaptor for the 30-pin dock connector.

Faster, no doubt

The next iPhone will most probably have a faster processor. The A5X system-on-a-chip, particularly its quad core GPU, is still competitive, but the dual core CPU configuration is already outdated. Could this mean a new A6 chip?

Look the same but different

The iPhone has always had a slim form factor with no physical keys other than its Home button. The next one will most likely have the same general features, but will still manage to look different—just like the iPhone 4 was to the 3GS. The iPhone 4 no longer had the plastic rounded back; instead, it used flat aluminium. The next iPhone will have new surprises when it comes to its husk’s design, and we can’t wait to see it.

About the Author:

This article was brought to you by Michael. Michael is a tech enthusiast and has been reviewing mobile phone technologies for many years. He is also a content writer for

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The content vs sales debate

As content marketing has become more widely known and readily adopted, businesses from all around the world have been using content in order to indirectly promote their business.

It is this indirect nature, however, which has prompted reluctance from the naysayers who feel that content marketing lacks the cut-throat ability to close a deal that sales does. This has caused a mistrust of giving away free content that for some, has been hard to shake. In light of this, below are a number of points given by sales-reliant businesses who are still suspicious of content marketing, as well as the argument against them.

Content doesn't influence sales

Whilst the best way to close a deal may be to get a salesperson involved, this is not always the stage of the buying process a customer is at. When we begin to look for a new product or service, we are not ready to speak to salespeople and would feel pressured into parting with any cash right off the bat. Instead, we are more responsive to research and information; services which content offers.
Content vs Sales

During this early stage consumers are just wanting to gather information that can be used to influence the final decision. Getting on board with them at this early stage will allow businesses to be present throughout the buying cycle, meaning they're much more likely to be thought of by the consumer when they are good and ready to part with their cash.

Free content is actually expensive

Given that the material is going to be published freely on a business website for anyone to see, some business owners register concern that creating content will be an unjustly costly process. This needn't be the case, however, as content can be outsourced, meaning there is no need to dedicate time and staff members to creating this material. Furthermore, any expense can then be recouped once sales begin coming in, just as they would for a marketing or salespeople budget.

So whilst there may still be a few naysayers unswayed by the positive results other businesses have seen with a content marketing strategy, allaying their fears and concerns should go some way to getting them up to speed with everybody else.

Andy Johnson says someone will master how to market effectively and measurably via social media, and all of us in marketing will need to learn how to adapt those discoveries to our businesses. He is a social media marketing expert and writes on this topic. He suggests to gather more information about marketing help and ideas.


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